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About Living Potential

Practical forward thinking and behavioral change.

At Living Potential, Lianne offers an immersive experience that revitalizes your life, liberating you from the monotonous routine that often leads to melancholy and mere existence.


Living Potential combines proven methodologies and techniques from the therapeutic realm with the essential principles of life coaching. Through our unique blend of Addiction and Lifestyle Therapy, we provide a potent approach to help you achieve your goals and instigate lasting change. Our team of skilled coaches, including addiction coaches and professional therapists, offer personalized guidance and unwavering support. We assist you in identifying and overcoming obstacles, gaining clarity on your future vision, and equipping you with the skills and strategies necessary for a purposeful and fulfilling life.

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Therapy Combined with Coaching

Proven methods that foster necessary healing so you can reach your maximum potential and successfully obtain your life goals. 



Why Living Potential
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Coaching and therapy

The journey from addiction to recovery can be treacherous. With guidance and support from LP, you will create strategies and coping mechanisms that will free you from the imprisonment of alcohol and drugs, minimize relapse and maintain sobriety, to live a healthy productive life.


Trauma can cause long-term

detrimental effects which alter

cognitive processes and hinder our emotional well-being. Fusing coaching and therapy creates a path for one to move away from their inner struggles and fears towards mental strength and stability. By understanding the overall effects of our past trauma, emotional pain can become the seed of growth. 

Addiction therapy,
Coaching professional

Disaster Recovery 

Human beings may naturally turn to substance use and/or unhealthy coping behaviours to find comfort and stability after a disaster. With LP, we offer healthy strategies for healing and comprehending the emotional impact and effects of natural disasters.

Passion & Potential 

Many people live day to day unaware of their passion,  purpose, and potential- unaware of their authentic self. LP will guide you to a deep grasp of self-awareness,  spirituality, and solidarity. 

LP will help you regain your passion, find your purpose, and achieve your potential by exploring and reconnecting you with your true and genuine path. 

Addiction coaching

Mental Health 

Many of us live with stressors that negatively impact our life. LP helps create healthy mental wellness solutions by uniting coaching and theraputic modalities to create individualized action plans, to live a more purposeful, meaningful and  joyful life.

Why Living Potential?

Coaching and Therapy 

Wild Path

Lianne's Clients

"Lianne is a warm, extremely compassionate, caring and empathetic therapist. Lianne helped me immensely through the loss of my mother.
I experienced grief, depression and at times intense anxiety. Lianne coached me to lift my spirits, shift my perspective, and taught me valuable information that I was able to apply day to day. I was able to find my way back to have meaning and purpose for my life. Lianne's approach is uniquely creative and effective, her intuition and insight have provided me with comfort and hope. I would highly recommend Lianne to anyone seeking positive change in their life"

— A.K.

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