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About Living Potential

Proven methods that foster the necessary healing
so you can realize your highest potential and successfully reach your life goals. 

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Living Potential is all about filling the soul and healing the mind, so a person can thrive once again.

It is about using different tools, techniques and methodologies in the therapeutic and coaching world

to help a person live their true potential and follow their authentic path. 

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Lianne's Story

 Lianne’s story began close to home, with addiction in her own family. 

Watching her loved ones struggle to regain their lives ignited a deep desire in her to learn about helping individuals and their families heal. 

After years of study, professional experience as a therapist, and through life coaching, Lianne has become a powerful resource for her clients and their families. Today, through Living Potential, she works with her clients to begin the healing process, craft, and achieve goals, so they will attain a better tomorrow.  

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Meet Lianne


Lianne Paskel 

MA, Clinical Psychology,  

Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC)

Life & Disaster Recovery Coach

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