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Spirituality and Healing

Let me first start by saying spirituality does not mean religion and an Almighty God as a whole. Spirituality is, in its essence, understanding that there is a power bigger than ourselves that we can surrender to when we don't have control, something we can ask for forgiveness, guidance and an ear that will always listen to us.

What is a Higher Power?

To many a Higher Power is known as God, Father, Jesus or in a non-religious way the Universe, Mother Nature or Self-Empowerment. But what is a Higher Power specifically? A Higher Power can be defined as: a spirit or being that is greater than human life itself, that can affect the lives of all living beings. Pretty big deal, right?

To many their Higher Power is something that they turn to everyday, or every week (sometimes every hour) when they need someone to listen, to pray for their loved ones, or the challenges that they might be facing, and for all of these, they pray and give their gratitude for love, their life, their family and more. For what is a Higher Power, without gratitude.

How can a Higher Power Help?

Understanding that a Higher Power is bigger than ourselves, and our Higher Power is our creator, we can surrender to it and ask for help. When we are defeated by our addiction, we have no self-control, we surrender to this almighty being, whatever that is to you, and we can start the healing process. Our Higher Power will offer forgiveness, and help us forgive ourselves, it will help us let go and be at peace, and be confident with the recovery journey.

A Higher Power can help us understand that we are not alone in this life, and along this journey. So often in recovery we can feel lost with no one to turn to, and our Higher Power is there to guide us to ask for help, to seek out answers and find love for ourselves and our new sober life.

What If I Don’t Believe in a Higher Power?

No one in this life has told you to believe a certain way, to love a certain way or live a certain way, because this life is for you, and you alone. What you want to believe is ultimately your path, but there are a few things that you can think of when you are in recovery, and you don’t have a clear spiritual path.

  1. Gratitude: being grateful everyday, and saying things like “I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for my body, I am grateful for my strength.” You are not specifically saying it to anyone, but to yourself and this helps create a positive mindset.

  2. Positivity: being positive on a daily basis will encourage your mind to see the good in every situation. Often in recovery we are faced with stressful situations that may cause us to want to use again, therefore when we try to see the positives in every situation, and realize that this is happening for a reason, rather than happening to cause us harm, we can learn from every experience, and grow.

  3. Nature: spending time in nature allows your body to go back to the roots of our ancestry, taking in deep breaths of clean oxygen, and smelling the earthy tones of the forest, can put your body and mind at ease.

  4. Mindfulness: being mindful when doing any task can help create a sense of calm throughout the body, it allows us to fully experience what we are doing, with a calm mind, thus creating a peaceful place, within our body, mind and soul.

There truly is no wrong answer to what a Higher Power could be, because no one really knows what created us, what is really out there watching over us and keeping us safe. All we really know is that it does listen, and it helps us along our journey through this life.

For guidance, coaching and support to help understand your Higher Power better, feel free to contact Lianne@LivingPotential.Today and schedule your first therapy and coaching session!

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